Sylvan Learning Launches National Advertising Campaign

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Sylvan Learning Launches National Advertising Campaign
Sylvan Learning Launches National Advertising Campaign
Leader in technology education introduces another tool to the marketing toolbox to help franchisees succeed in their local markets.

Sylvan Learning, the leading supplemental education resource and provider of tutoring to students of all ages and grade levels, has big plans for 2017, including a strategic growth plan to build upon the 750-unit system and provide better support to its franchisees.

Sylvan has always been committed to providing marketing training and support to its franchisees, and in 2017, the brand is launching a national radio campaign on SiriusXM, geared toward both consumers and potential franchisees. There are two consumer radio spots: one that is focused on “the new math,” offering a tongue-in-cheek way of explaining that many parents are struggling with how math is being taught in schools today and how help they can help their child. The second is to support STEM, a segment of learning in which Sylvan has emerged as a leader, including Robotics, Engineering, and Coding classes.

Additionally, new TV spots focusing on math were also created.  The TV commercials were shot in both English and Spanish to help franchisees better reach their diverse demographic audiences.  Franchisees can opt in to buy the ads to air in their local markets or share on YouTube and Facebook channel. Sylvan recently partnered with Chicago production company Jetpack to produce the TV and radio spots.

“We decided to put together the math commercials to reach the parents across the country who are having trouble understanding the math that their kids are doing today—that’s just the nature of the changing times,” said Amy Przywara, the Chief Marketing Officer of Sylvan. “We want to let moms and dads know that Sylvan can help if they’re struggling with their kids’ homework or simply want more quality time with them. Our message is to let parents know that we’re here to help.”

The brand also offers a wide selection of print materials—such as banners—to help franchisees make the biggest impact possible in their local marketing efforts.

“It’s so important to us to give our franchisees the materials and support they need to thrive in their markets. This means providing resources that are on brand, but can also be customized for their local audiences,” Przywara said.

As Sylvan has evolved over the last 37 years and built upon its service offerings, its marketing strategy and department has also grown. Sylvan Learning’s 18-person marketing team shows the breadth and depth of marketing support provided to the franchise system, including digital marketing, creative, local store field marketers and more. That commitment to always innovating and always growing continues to position Sylvan as a pioneer of the industry in countless other ways, too.

“We’ve been around for 37 years, but we’re constantly focused on staying ahead of the curve by introducing innovative programs like STEM, which didn’t exist for the generations before. Today, we’re the largest branded provider of a STEM classes simply be entering that market,” Przywara added. “We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the industry, and we’ll continue to push those boundaries in the future.”



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