How Sylvan Learning’s Futurist Approach to Education Sets the Brand Apart from the Competition in the Increasingly Popular Industry

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How Sylvan Learning’s Futurist Approach to Education Sets the Brand Apart from the Competition in the Increasingly Popular Industry
How Sylvan Learning’s Futurist Approach to Education Sets the Brand Apart from the Competition in the Increasingly Popular Industry
By integrating technology into its model and taking a proactive approach to predicting the next big trends in education, Sylvan is able to stay ahead of the curve.

The education industry is far from stagnant—trends and best practices are constantly evolving as standards for students change. That’s why it’s crucial for supplemental education programs to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the tools and resources that children need in order to be successful inside the classroom. Especially as technology continues to play an increasingly important role in curriculums across the country, it’s more important than ever for education concepts to take a proactive approach in predicting where the industry will go.

Sylvan Learning, the nation’s leading supplemental education franchise, has a long history of adapting to the industry’s inevitable changes. For nearly four decades, the brand has been consistently integrating new and innovative programs into its classrooms across the country. And now, with more than 750 locations thriving across the country, it’s clear that Sylvan’s system is resonating with families in a wide variety of local communities.

That ability to be successful in different development markets comes down to the fact that Sylvan is constantly working to ensure that it’s offering its customers the best programs in the business. In fact, the brand’s product development team is always looking for ways to make sure that the education industry’s landscape is reflected in all of Sylvan’s programs. From its core programs in reading and math to its focus on STEM, robotics and coding courses, the brand is committed to finding new ways to take its model to the next level.

According to Alan Catlett, the head of Sylvan’s product development, making those improvements and staying ahead of trends starts with taking a look at its own data and records.

“The SylvanSync platform provides us with an incredible competitive advantage. Not only does it allow educators to better cater to students’ individual needs, it also provides us with unrivaled insights into how well our programs are performing. The data that we collect isn’t going to waste—we spend a lot of time analyzing everything to learn how students are performing over time,” said Catlett. “After adjusting one of the algorithms in our math program, for example, we were able to track the positive impact that it was making for students across our entire system. That’s ultimately what sets Sylvan apart—we’re going above and beyond to be ahead of the curve by making enhancements to our system whenever possible.”

The benefits of Sylvan’s futurist approach to the education industry extend beyond the classroom. In addition to bringing the best possible education programs to students and their families, Sylvan’s commitment to evolving alongside the industry also gives its franchisees a leg up on the competition.

That’s why Craig and Caren Beckett, two of Sylvan’s franchisees who are based in Ohio, have been growing alongside the brand for nearly 20 years. After Caren started with a Sylvan as a center director and teacher, the husband and wife team decided to open a center of their own. Today, they have six centers and an additional 12 satellite locations.  And Craig says that it’s that ability to grow with the help of technology that has inspired them to run multiple Sylvan Learning centers.

“Sylvan’s approach to incorporating technology into its system has really helped us expand our reach as business owners. By operating satellite centers, we’re able to really penetrate our territory and make ourselves more convenient for families in our area,” said Craig. “Sylvan is also technologically advanced inside of the classroom, proving its commitment to being on the cutting edge of the industry. There’s no doubt that the brand’s position as a leader and innovator is helping us connect with more clients at all of our locations, ultimately allowing us to earn a living while changing kids’ lives.”

In order to continue making a positive difference in the lives of students across the country, Sylvan is focused on anticipating the next methods and trends that are expected to change the education landscape as a whole. The brand is already starting to consider the effects of digital tutoring, for example, in order to further its position at the forefront of an increasingly popular industry.

“While we’re always keeping an eye on our core programs to ensure that things are running smoothly, we’re also constantly looking ahead to what’s expected to take over the education industry down the line. That’s why we work closely with members of the tech community,” said Catlett. “Customer behavior is going to change over time, and we have a responsibility to stay ahead of the up and coming trends. By figuring out early on which trends are worth tracking and potentially adding to our system, we’re ultimately providing our franchisees—and the families that they serve—with the best supplemental education products and courses in the business.”