Sylvan Learning Continues to Fuel Franchise Growth by Introducing New Incentives for Center Directors and U.S. Military Veterans

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Sylvan Learning Continues to Fuel Franchise Growth by Introducing New Incentives for Center Directors and U.S. Military Veterans
Sylvan Learning Continues to Fuel Franchise Growth by Introducing New Incentives for Center Directors and U.S. Military Veterans
In addition to a reduced franchise fee, Sylvan Learning owners now have access to significant in-house financing and competitive referral fees.

The supplemental education segment of the franchising industry is constantly evolving. From the integration of technology in classrooms to the need to stay ahead of the latest teaching trends, brands need to boast a variety of competitive advantages in order to stand out from the crowd. That’s why Sylvan Learning is committed to consistently enhancing its system.

In order to ensure that its model is attractive to both consumers and business owners alike, Sylvan Learning recently unveiled a new licensing agreement that dramatically reduces the start-up costs associated with opening a franchise. Now, instead of paying a $48,000 franchise fee, local owners are only responsible for a $24,000 fee. Sylvan also lowered its square footage requirements for every physical center—franchisees can now operate in 1,000-square-foot spaces as opposed to a 2,400-square-foot minimum.

According to Georgia Chasen, Sylvan Learning’s senior director of franchise development, making its business ownership opportunity more affordable for aspiring entrepreneurs is an effort to attract the next generation of franchisees. However, the brand’s new, flexible (or attractive or low cost) licensing agreement isn’t the only incentive available to Sylvan owners.

“We don’t want to discourage anyone from opening up their own Sylvan franchise because they didn’t think that they could afford it. By introducing this new licensing agreement and fee structure, we’re confident that we’re opening up the door to more potential franchisees and multi-unit owners than ever before,” said Chasen. “We’re also excited to roll out new incentives for our franchisees, center directors and U.S. military veterans. Our goal is to provide the best possible support to our entire system by encouraging our owners to grow alongside the Sylvan brand.”

In addition to reduced franchise fees and square footage requirements, Sylvan Learning is offering franchisee candidates the opportunity to apply for in-house financing of up to $100,000. The brand also offers up to a $5,000 referral fee on candidates who purchase an undeveloped territory.

“By offering our franchisees significant in-house financing and competitive referral fees, we’re giving more people the opportunity to capitalize on our proven system with very minimal upfront investment. Not only are we making our business model more affordable, but we’re also creating a system that will fuel our growth in the months and years ahead,” said John McAuliffe, Sylvan Learning’s CEO. “We’re confident that our new incentives will ensure that our next 40 years are even more successful than our first 40.”

Sylvan Learning is also offering additional incentives to members of the U.S. military. Beyond gaining access to the brand’s in-house financing and referral fees, Sylvan will also waive the entire franchise fee for five veterans who sign on to join its system. The program is part of Sylvan’s ongoing efforts to help veterans launch their own careers outside of their roles in the military.

“Giving back to members of the communities in which we call home—especially those who have served in the military—is an integral part of the Sylvan Learning system. While this is a business, every member of the Sylvan team is ultimately driven by their passion for making a difference in people’s lives,” said Chasen. “We’re eager to welcome new franchisees into our brand through these new incentive programs. There’s no doubt that this effort will help us take our ongoing development initiatives to the next level.” 



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