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Traverse City Record-Eagle: Sylvan Learning Location Awarded For Highest Revenue Systemwide
The family franchise in Traverse City was recently awarded for generating the top revenue within the Sylvan system.

Molly Ebers and her fellow owners of Sylvan Learning in Traverse City were recently awarded as the top revenue franchisees, and the Traverse City Record-Eagle published a great piece detailing what led to that distinction and the services offered by Sylvan Learning.

The article highlights the family aspect of the Traverse City location, and CEO John McAuliffe pointed to the family’s passion as just one reason why they are such successful owners.

Said McAuliffe, "They have a real passion for what Sylvan does and how we help children. I think they have a strong desire to go above and beyond."

Ebers said that one of her favorite things to see is how Sylvan raises students’ confidence, sometimes almost immediately.

Said Ebers, "I personally love seeing the rise in confidence. We tend to see that often within the first few hours."

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