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Franchise Times: Sylvan Learning Utilizes Technology With SylvanSync Program
Sylvan Learning franchisees have made tutoring services more accessible with technology that creates "satellite centers" for students.

When Uber entered the scene in 2009, the decades long taxi business was completely thrown for a loop. Utilizing technology to create a more efficient, and cheaper, alternative to the standard cab business, Uber completely changed the landscape in that industry. Hoping to avoid the negative impact that the taxi industry faced, the franchise industry is making sure to look forward in order to avoid being run over by upstart brands like Uber, according to a recent article in the April issue of Franchise Times.

Sylvan Learning has utilized technology to enhance the accessibility and ease with which franchisees can provide tutoring services with their SylvanSync program. The program allows Sylvan franchisees to set up "satellite centers", and was based on research the brand did which showed that more than 50 percent of students live within a four mile radius of the brand's brick-and-mortar location, and 80 percent live up to ten miles away.

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