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Valley Town Crier: New Sylvan Program, EDGE, Prepares Students For A More Successful Future
Sylvan's EDGE program helps elementary and middle school students do more than just catch up. They get ahead.
During the summer of 2016, Sylvan Learning put on EDGE programs throughout the nation to help students further understand concepts within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. The McAllen center saw more than 1,300 students embrace the program this summer, the fifth highest city to promote the program in the country.
According to the Valley Town Crier, one of the ways Sylvan takes these programs to the next level is through the Grand STEM Challenge which is sponsored by K'NEX.
"A lot of these programs we now offer," said Galloso, the director of sales and marketing for McAllen's center. "People think of Sylvan as tutoring, not STEM, robotics or engineering."
Local engineers helped the students through projects, such as building a car from K'NEX and making sure an egg would be intact after the car crashed.