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Killeen Daily Herald: Sylvan Centers Boosting Revenue With Further Individualized Focus
Franchisees Chris and Jano Pittner customize how each child learns at their Sylvan Centers and generate higher revenue.
Chris and Jano Pittner returned from the Sylvan National Conference in September having been recognized by the Sylvan Learning corporate team for the revenue they generated in 2015.
According to the Killeen Daily Herald, the Pittners have helped more than 3,000 students throughout the state in their Sylvan Learning Centers. The Pittners own centers in Waco, Killeen, Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth areas.
"One of the biggest changes I have seen is the emphasis on math," said Chris Pittner. "About six years ago we transitioned to using the iPad as a learning tool that gives us more flexibility to customize lesson plans to teach students."
Each of the Pittner's centers have a center director who will give a students' parents options on a course that best fits their needs to either catch the student up from being behind or further accelerate a student for better success in the classroom.