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Baltimore Business Journal: Sylvan Learning Announces Vietnam Expansion
There will be two new Sylvan Centers opening up in Vietnam this month.

Sylvan Learning signed an agreement with the Vietnam Investment Group to bring its supplemental tutoring programs to Vietnam. Vietnam Investment Group owns or franchises about 31 schools in the country.

According to the Baltimore Business Journal, there will be two new Sylvan Centers opening up in Vietnam this month. If the two centers do well, the company plans to have 22 locations in cities across the nation.

"They approached us because of our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs," McAuliffe said. "They want to drive STEM programs into their schools and they want us to help them do it."

"We believe the Sylvan model is something that we can leverage internationally as something that give students a leg up in STEM as well as English-based learning," said Georgia Chasen, director of franchise development.

The company plans on continuing to grow in countries around the world, this part of the expansion is just the beginning phase, according to McAuliffe.

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