Sylvan Learning to Expand Across New York as Demand for Top Tier Tutoring Services Reaches an All-Time High

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Sylvan Learning to Expand Across New York as Demand for Top Tier Tutoring Services Reaches an All-Time High
Sylvan Learning to Expand Across New York as Demand for Top Tier Tutoring Services Reaches an All-Time High
Backed by a strong presence on the East Coast, the leading education brand is actively targeting the state for development.

Sylvan Learning has a long history of setting the standard when it comes to innovative tutoring programs. The brand stands in a league of its own in the booming education industry—its commitment to expanding its product base and making its programs accessible to busy families stands out from the competition. And now, Sylvan is expanding its reach in a state it already calls home: New York.

The brand’s franchise model has already proven itself to be successful in the state, with centers from Long Island up to Buffalo and Rochester, as well as other markets across the East Coast. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t territories open for development in New York. In fact, the door is wide open for new franchisees to grow alongside the brand in the area.

“Our centers in New York are experiencing success. To capitalize on that momentum, we’re looking to grow across the state as we head into the new year,” said Georgia Chasen, Sylvan Learning’s director of franchise development. “Between our strong corporate support system and network of local franchisees, we’re confident that the new owners who enter our system will have all of the tools that they need in order to hit the ground running.”

One of the franchisees that makes up that ever-growing network is Anthony DiGiacomo, the owner behind five Sylvan centers in New Jersey. He first entered Sylvan’s system 17 years ago after working for one of the brand’s competitors. But the possibility for long term growth—combined with Sylvan’s superior programs—ultimately inspired DiGiacomo to make a change.

“It comes down to the fact that we’re the clear leaders in the education industry. Everything we do is designed to enhance our tutoring programs, starting with the research that goes into launching a new service. There isn’t another brand that could check off the number of boxes that Sylvan does when it comes to what customers are looking for in a supplemental education company,” said DiGiacomo. “The Sylvan team is also constantly looking for new ways to improve, which is what keeps us at the top of our game.”

Sylvan is taking active steps to improve its system in 2017. From a consumer standpoint, Sylvan is focusing on boosting its courses in the increasingly crucial STEM arena. It’s also planning to roll out a digital Algebra Edge program for older students to complement its existing Math Edge program. Internally, the brand is increasing its digital presence. By making more of its programs accessible online and introducing a new app—Sylvan Play—Sylvan is also improving the resources available to both its customers and franchisees.

“Education is really important to the people of New York. The families who live here are constantly looking for ways to be competitive and succeed in school, and they’re looking to outside resources for help. That means that demand for our services in the state is climbing,” said DiGiacomo. “There are so many students and families who could benefit from Sylvan’s tailored courses. The opportunities for growth are endless, which is why it’s such a great time to be a part of Sylvan’s system. I’m looking forward to working with the new franchisees who sign on to grow the brand in New York.”

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