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Sylvan Learning’s Suite of Services Creates Unparalleled Investment Opportunity for Franchisees
Sylvan’s vast product line isn’t just good news for parents and their children—it’s good news for franchisees in search of a sound investment, too.

Over the past five years, Sylvan Learning has worked hard to expand its product and increase the use of technology in its learning programs.

In 2011, Sylvan announced the launch of SylvanSync, a comprehensive system designed to support each student’s personal learning needs, with the aid of specialized, tablet-based digital technology. Then, in 2015, Sylvan further solidified its stance as the leader in the education segment by entering the STEM arena. With the launch of its Sylvan EDGE courses, the company started offering cutting-edge lessons in coding, robotics, engineering and math. Sylvan also enhanced its digital content to build on its offerings in its physical centers. Today, Sylvan offers everything from its core tutoring programs—like math, reading and writing—to its suite of advanced math services.

“We feel that we have the products and programs to address almost every educational need of children. We can help kids keep up in school, we can help kids that are on an accelerated path, and we believe that we have individualized programs for children who might be struggling. We’re also proud to offer STEM, which captures a child’s passion and exposes them to arenas that they otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to,” said John McAuliffe, the CEO of Sylvan Learning.

All told, Sylvan’s vast product line isn’t just good news for parents and their children—it’s good news for franchisees in search of a sound investment, too. That’s because the brand’s impressive array of state-of-the-art programs gives it a competitive edge unlike any other supplemental learning franchise out there.

“One of our biggest accomplishments over the years has been changing the way consumers—and franchisees—view us. In the past, most people lumped us in the remedial tutoring provider category. But through our digital marketing efforts and the expansion of our products, Sylvan is now positioned as an education solution for all students,” McAuliffe said. “Today, Sylvan franchisees have the opportunity to offer custom programs for every child that walks through their doors. No other competitor has the breadth of products that Sylvan offers—and that really makes investing in a Sylvan Learning a unique opportunity.”

The brand’s SylvanSync offering in particular has convinced a handful of franchisees to invest in a location of their own.

“Sylvan is the only education franchise I found that was embracing technology both for the child and for the parent.  As I researched options for a business to own, Sylvan stood out as the brand for a variety of reasons: Today, kids are digital natives and Sylvan delivers highly effective results by teaching them in an engaging and fun way. Sylvan engages the parents actively to keep them updated and aware of how their children are developing and getting ready to take on the technological world,” said Narayan Subbarao, a Sylvan franchisee in California. “From an owners' perspective, SylvanSync allows owners to open more centers at lower costs across the territory, enabling delivery of Sylvan’s courses conveniently for families. Clearly Sylvan is ahead of their competitors and knows where consumer trends are heading.” 

According to McAuliffe, Sylvan’s suite of services will ultimately help to position the brand as a leader in the popular $4 billion education industry in the years to come. From expanding into the enrichment area through its STEM based product line, to assisting students from ages four up through college, Sylvan’s sizable program mix and modular curriculum allows franchisees to transform how students learn and inspire them to succeed in school and life—and that kind of emotional return on investment is invaluable.  

“More and more franchisees are coming to Sylvan because they embrace the fact that we have a wide variety of programs—it’s not your traditional education franchise,” McAuliffe said. “Technology is changing the way the world lives and learns, and it’s important to evolve alongside those changes. Franchisees recognize that we’re at the forefront of those changes—and it makes our business opportunity one of the best in the industry.”